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"Darling, I'm nowhere near done with you."

A business conference over the holiday period is probably the last thing anyone looks forward to — unless you’re Sephy. The chance to get away from the holiday pressure and family drama at a luxe ski resort in Finland is a dream-come-true, even if she does have to work.


The last thing Sephy’s looking for is love, but when her ex rocks up with a hot new investor in tow, she knows she’s in trouble. Especially when they both set their sights on her.


All she wants to do is relax and try not to think about the speech she has to give at the end of their trip, and the boss’ son proves only too happy to provide a distraction. But when the three men in her life become inextricably tangled, Sephy has to wonder if maybe her heart doesn’t have room for all three of them after all.


Three Kisses More is a spicy, Why Choose holiday romance. Happily ever after guaranteed, and no man left behind.

Three Kisses More (signed paperback)

  • One signed paperback edition of Three Kisses More

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