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Sun City series

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Don’t get mad, get even is advice Jamie Silver takes to heart when she discovers her boyfriend is sleeping with her best friend. What she doesn’t bank on is her hateful professor placing her on academic probation and it’s all her ex’s fault. When his rival, Ryan Sommers, offers her a way to get back into her professor’s good books as well as get back at her ex, what’s a girl to do? Revenge is a dish best served hot.

March 3rd 2023


Falling in love with your best friend sucks—especially when they don’t love you back.
Liv needs help, and Bryn is determined to give it to her. After a night out ends in a whole lot of embarrassment for Liv, she is faced with the fact that she might need some assistance in getting over her best friend and roommate, Jamie.
When Bryn is forced to temporarily move in with Jamie and Liv, a night of drinking results in a possibly disastrous deal: All of Liv’s decisions are now in Bryn’s hands. The goal? Operation fall-out-of-love. 
But when sparks start to fly between the two women, they have to wonder if maybe their plan worked a little too well.
After all, nothing hurts like love.



Falling into bed with your brother’s best friend was probably never going to end well, but when Sara wakes up to a hastily scrawled note that reads 'This never happened' she realises just how badly she screwed up.
Since that moment, Sara has done her best to avoid Fletcher at all costs. Yet, when her brother invites her on a group holiday in Alaska to escape her heartache, she reluctantly accepts… only to find herself snowed in with the one person she should hate the most.
Being snowed in never felt so hot.


A curse. A betrayal. A love that could break her. When Ivy is taken to a compound outside of London to meet with a group of angels, she thinks she's going mad. Faced with the truth of powers she never knew she had and a world much bigger than she realised, her life couldn't be more complicated. Or so she thought. When Devlin crashes into her life, Ivy must decide what is more important: finding the love, passion and adventure she'd never allowed herself to dream about, or protecting her heart. She could have everything she never knew she wanted... if she only dared to let someone in. Caring makes us vulnerable, but when everything Ivy believes is pushed to the limit, who will be by her side to see her through the dark?

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A business conference over the holiday period is probably the last thing anyone looks forward to — unless you’re Sephy. The chance to get away from the holiday pressure and family drama at a luxe ski resort in Finland is a dream-come-true, even if she does have to work.
The last thing Sephy’s looking for is love, but when her ex rocks up with a hot new investor in tow, she knows she’s in trouble. Especially when they both set their sights on her.
All she wants to do is relax and try not to think about the speech she has to give at the end of their trip, and the boss’ son proves only too happy to provide a distraction. But when the three men in her life become inextricably tangled, Sephy has to wonder if maybe her heart doesn’t have room for all three of them after all.

Living in Cincy series


What happens in the dark, stays in the dark…
When Rose DuLoe is forced to leave her comfortable city life for a mansion in the middle of nowhere, she feels out of control. Worse, the estate is owned by the man who drives her crazy – but when tensions boil over and they have the hottest hate-sex of her life, she’s left feeling more confused than ever.
Blake is controlling, arrogant and a player but being stuck together for their own protection means Rose can’t help but see what’s been staring her in the face all along.
With a gala to plan and a stalker to catch, can Rose and Blake make it through without wanting to kiss – or kill – each other?

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June 30th 2023

Kingdom of Stars series (Coming soon)


Saiph must kill the mortal queen.

Sent to the mortal plane by her mother, Saiph finds herself caught in a bargain with one of the people she has been told to destroy – Auren, the rebel queen’s guard.

After a string of magick users disappear, Saiph is forced to work with Auren to uncover the culprit. But when new evidence comes to light, Saiph must re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about the Kingdom of Stars.

Plagued by her growing feelings for the woman she’s supposed to hate, Saiph is left torn between duty and love. With time running out to complete her task, Saiph must fulfil her bargain with Auren and choose her side in the upcoming battle, before it’s too late.

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November 2023

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