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If you're looking for an experienced editor for your romance or fantasy romance manuscript then please see below the services I offer and email me for a quote at . Prices start as low as £125 and interest-free instalment options are standard.

Current availability: Now booking 2024 onward!

How does it work?

For copy edits, please send me a 500 word sample of your work (from chapter one) alongside your final (or estimated final) word count and based on this I'll provide you with a quote. For developmental evaluation there is a flat fee and no sample is required, just your total word count. You can either pay your invoice all in one go, or via instalments. I will provide an NDA (or we can use your own) so that you know your work is safe and protected at all times. If you have any questions or want to know my availability please email me at .

My recommended writing and editing order is as follows, you may want to have more or less feedback/edits within your process, this is just a guide:

  1. Write your first draft

  2. Get Alpha feedback on the first draft

  3. Revise first draft with this feedback

  4. Developmental edit

  5. Beta read for extra feedback

  6. Copy edit/proofread

Types of Edits

Copy editing

Line by line edits for flow, clarity/coherence, consistency and story continuity, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and more

Developmental manuscript evaluation

A manuscript evaluation – I will read the book from beginning to end and make notes for each chapter. At the end, you will receive an overall feedback report summarising my developmental recommendations in regards to plot, structure, pacing etc., as well as my chapter-by-chapter notes


Editorial Bundles

Line-by-line copy and developmental editing focusing on flow, story continuity, pacing, characterisation, SPAG, and more. How it works: You book two dates with me, the first date is for the developmental edits and feedback. You would then revise the manuscript and then send back to me once complete to begin the copy edits.

Editorial enquiries: 

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