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The Clarity of Light

Out now!

Until your light touches the sky...


Bound to a fated mate she never could have foreseen, Saiph must aid Auren in her quest to unite the kingdoms and remove Queen Fallon from power. 


Made a martyr for saving a mortal village from her mother’s brutal starfire attack, peace seems to be a fragile hope for the two women still learning one another’s hearts. But with the Kingdom of Stars kept in the dark about the true heir to the throne, Saiph knows Auren must prove herself worthy to their people if she hopes to unite Earth and Sky once more.


A Forest holding more than just old magick, a new mating bond to navigate, and trust that’s hard to earn after all the secrets kept—Will Saiph and Auren bring the peace they’ve longed for? Or will the challenges they must face prove too strong to overcome?


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