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"Does this feel pretend to you?"

Christopher is off-limits, a fact Ali struggles to remember every time she’s faced with her boss. So when she’s forced to make a deal with him that blurs the line between the professional and personal, she knows she’s in trouble.

Given an ultimatum by her paparazzo ex, Ali has sixty days to either stop him—with a little help from her boss—or be forced to leak the most exclusive wedding of the year, giving her ex the scoop of a lifetime and forcing Christopher to betray his closest friend.

As the deadline nears and tensions rise between them, Ali starts to wonder if her heart was the thing most at risk after all.

Tempt My Heart is a standalone romantic suspense in the Living in Cincy series. If you love fake dating, forbidden romance and spice, then click to buy now! Perfect for fans of Ana Huang's Twisted series and King of Wrath.

Tempt My Heart (signed paperback)

  • One signed paperback edition of Tempt My Heart

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