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Leonora Romilly was murdered. The catch? She didn't stay dead. 


Instead, she finds herself alive-ish and swept away to Ashvale to learn how to be a fully-functioning, albeit undead, member of society.

At Ashvale, the blood runs free and the sexual tension never sleeps, but under the surface, something much more sinister lurks.

With her would-be murderer still roaming free, a new-found love, and her lost memories on the line, can Leonora survive Ashvale with both her head and her heart intact?


From bestselling romance author Jade Church comes a deliciously bloody vampire romance. The Vampire's Thrall is book one in the Ashvale duology and is perfect for fans of The Originals and Vampire Academy.

Ashvale: The Vampire'sThrall

  • One signed paperback edition of Ashvale: The Vampire's Thrall

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