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"Princess... What are you doing out of bed?"

When Rose DuLoe is forced to leave her comfortable city life for a mansion in the middle of nowhere, she feels out of control. Worse, the estate is owned by the man who drives her crazy—but when tensions boil over and they have the hottest hate-sex of her life, she’s left feeling more confused than ever.

Blake is controlling, arrogant and a player but being stuck together for their own protection means Rose can’t help but see what’s been staring her in the face all along.

With a gala to plan and a stalker to catch, can Rose and Blake make it through without wanting to kiss – or kill – each other?

Now an international #1 bestseller—In Too Deep is a standalone romantic suspense novel in the Living in Cincy series. If you love enemies with benefits, forced proximity and spice then click to buy now! Perfect for fans of Ana Huang's Twisted series and King of Wrath.

In Too Deep (signed paperback)

  • One signed paperback edition of In Too Deep

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